Is Fiverr a Good Choice for Freelancers?

Fiverr is a site where freelancers can connect to those who need services. They have tons of categories freelancers can post gigs in, including writing. A Gig is a service you provide, at $5, such as writing 100 words for $5. You can add extra services to your gig as well, which clients can choose to use in exchange for a higher fee. While I’ve heard of people who make good money on Fiverr, and I understand how it could lead to new clients for higher-paying services, I tried it out and the results were mediocre.

My two biggest complaints have nothing to do with the Fiverr concept, but they’re deal-killers all by themselves.

  1. Fiverr takes a 20% fee off the top of your earnings. And I thought Upwork’s 10% was a lot! But I can live with 10%, not so much 20%. Insane.
  2. Also, in order to transfer the money that remains after Fiverr’s fee into your bank account, you must sign up for a third-party service, give your banking information to that third party, and then they take another fee. You pay a fee to get the money that remains after you pay a fee to work there.

Frankly, when you take into account the time required to pitch or reply to prospective clients, get your head around the project, write the content, and then submit it, I can’t say it’s worth $5 earned (which is less than $4 into your bank).

All told, while the idea of Fiverr is interesting, in practice it hasn’t been worth my time as a freelance writer. I’ll stick with Upwork as my content mill provider.

The Fiverr Promise
The Fiverr Promise

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