Book Review: Extinction Horizon

Extinction Horizon is an outstanding book in the PA genre. I highly recommend it for genre fans.

Extinction_Horizon_CoverI’m a fan of post-apocalypse (PA) fiction, but have been bored to tears with zombie books. This is no mere zombie book, however. The author has done enough research to fully explain the scenario believably to those of us who aren’t virologists, and the twist at the end was unexpected. (Read More)




2 thoughts on “Book Review: Extinction Horizon

  1. David L. Foster says:


    I’ve noticed you’ve reviewed and seemed to enjoy several post-apocalyptic novels, both here on your blog as well as on Amazon.

    I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing my book, Coyote, recently released on Amazon.

    Coyote tells the story of a young woman who is among the few to survive the fall of modern civilization. But it’s not enough to survive the initial disaster. Now she must stay alive in a world where technology no longer functions, where most people have disappeared, and where creatures of nightmare roam free.

    The book is post-apocalyptic/sci-fi in genre. Looking at your other reviews, I believe it will resonate with you.

    If you’re interested, I’d be happy to gift you a copy for Kindle, or to provide you with the digital file type of your choice.

    You can reach me at, or at my website:

    Thanks, and keep going with the blog. It’s a good one.

    -David L. Foster

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