Authorspeak: How to Write Book Reviews

Fellow author Kari Holloway posted on how she writes book reviews. This was in response to someone who flipped their lid over her review of their book, even though it didn’t say anything other reviewers hadn’t already said.

Personally, unless it’s truly terrible and I feel it’s my civic duty to warn people not to waste their money, I don’t write negative reviews. I’ll put it up on my Goodreads list, but without rating it. No negative reviews, generally.

Kari, on the other hand, posted an honest but negative review of a book. It wasn’t insulting or degrading. She gave her honest opinion, with constructive criticism. So, whether you’ve seen a bad review or a good review from her, please know it’s her honest opinion. And here’s how she goes about writing reviews.!Ratings-and-Reviews-A-guide-to-a-well-meaning-review/z12p2/578ac0fa0cf23020133f6c0c


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