Review: Yours Truly 2095 by Brian Paone

26131453I had no idea the book was inspired by a music album, which only makes it that much more amazing. This is a fantastic read. It’s an entirely new take on the old time travel plot, and manages at once to be both a romance and a sci-fi adventure novel. The plot twists keep going until the very last pages, making this one of the few books I could not predict at any point. I never did know what was coming next. And the author, Brian Paone, manages to avoid resorting to gore or erotica as cheap fanservice. That’s not easy with a story as deeply rooted in relationships and characters as this book is. All in all, it’s unlike most other books I have read in so many ways, but manages to be fascinating the whole way through the book. The writing also starts strong and gets even better as the book progresses. This could easily become a modern cult classic.


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