Writer’s Spotlight Episode 7: Kari Holloway

I know Kari Holloway and have read her book, Cracked but Never Broken, and found it to be a good, character-driven story.

JM Ames - Speculative Fiction Author

For this seventh episode of Writer’s Spotlight, we have Kari Holloway – another member of the Scribes’ Circle whom I have gotten to know quite well over the past year. She is also in the A Haunting of Words anthology with me, due out in July 2017. Her vast knowledge on numerous facets of the publishing industry and extremely prolific story writing ensure she will go quite far! I’ve read her Cracked But Never Broken, and I was surprised by the depth of the characters, the surprise twists, and most of all that a romance book could draw me into it as much as it did.


 Give us a short introduction to you.
I’m a southern pain in the ass, if you asked my mom. It was all in good jest. Born and bred Georgian native, I graduated from Lee County High and…

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