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Get on Twitter. You should be on Twitter as well as Facebook, even if you only use it to auto-tweet your posts from your blog and your author Facebook Page. It’s another way for people to discover you and your news. I’ve discussed that before, and in a future post I’ll detail some more options for that process.

Today, however, I’m going to talk about Twitter Lists, an invaluable tool for increasing your discoverability and for organizing your Twitter peeps (your Tweeps).

What are Twitter Lists?

In Twitter, a List is a category you create, into which you’ll add people and posts relevant to you and what you do. They receive a notification that they were added to your lists, and they can choose to follow it or you.

Why use Lists?

  • Because people are notified when you add them to your list, they become aware of you.
  • Often, they’ll follow you because of it.
  • A List provides you with timely relevant content to retweet (you should have 7 retweets for each original tweet you make, whether directly or via auto-reposting from your blog).
  • A List will give you a focused group of people to Follow on Twitter in the hopes of getting followed back, improving your author platform.
  • A List that’s properly updated will rapidly build your Twitter followers list!

How to use Lists

After logging into Twitter, click your profile icon in the upper right corner, next to the search bar. A dropdown list appears, one of which is conveniently labeled “Lists.” Click that.

A new page loads. Toward the top, on the right-hand side (at least for me), there is a button to create a new list. Click that and then enter the name of your new list. I strongly suggest naming your first list your book’s genre and something catchy. Remember that people are alerted when they are added, so you want the name to be something that motivates them to follow you or subscribe to your list.

For example, if your genre is “supernatural thriller,” you might name your list, “Awesome supernatural thriller people.”

Go to and add ListBuilder For Twitter to your Chrome browser. If you don’t use Chrome, there’s a link to the ListBuilder website and they may have some other options for you. You may need to search Google to find an alternative. Or just use Chrome for this.

Go back to Twitter. In the search bar, search for #yourgenre. For example, #supernaturalthriller”. When the search results come back, ListBuilder has the option to select all; do this, and then select “Add to List” for your Awesome Supernatural Thriller People list.

All those people and posts are now added to your list, and will receive a message!

What Next?

I recommend you get an account at to Follow all the people who are going to Follow you! I’d also Follow just about everyone in your new List who posted anything relevant to your book genre, readers, writing, etc. CrowdfireApp will also let you unfollow the people who don’t follow you back, and people who haven’t posted in 6 months.

I also recommend re-tweeting and/or Liking as many posts as you feel like doing, from within your List.

Last Tip

If you pick one day each week to do this, then before you update your List the following week, you can use CrowdfireApp to unfollow everyone who isn’t following you back yet.



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