28 Boring Words Alternatives

Tuesday Topics

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Jack Milgram, Writer & Blogger

28 Boring Words Alternatives – Improve Your Writing

Today’s #TuesdayTopics is a fantastic infographic from Jack, a fellow writer at Custom Writing.org, listing 28 boring words, and what to use instead!

I encourage you to read his entire article and see the infographic.


8 thoughts on “28 Boring Words Alternatives

    1. J.S. Menefee says:

      Hi Heather, there are no ads on my site that I know of, and I didn’t see any on the site it links to or on my site, when I checked. You may have some malware on your system popping up ads. You might want to download a program called Malwarebytes (free) and scan your system for adware, malware, and so on. That may solve the issue :/

  1. Debra B says:

    This is very helpful! As a writer, I’m constantly trying to come up with unique and creative ways to say some of the same things I write about over and over. This info graphic puts some of the guess work out of it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. J.S. Menefee says:

      Absolutely! Jack (a fellow freelancer, from custom-writing.org) was generous enough to let me use it for a guest TuesdayTopics post. I too found his infograph to be wonderfully useful.

  2. Karen Leahy says:

    As a library manager in a high school, I think this is a great infographic. Can you provide a download link for it if you’re going to make it an open document – please, please?

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