Why You Should Go Wide With Your Books

It may be wise not to rely exclusively on Amazon…

As you know, Amazon negligently allowed click-farmers to dominate their lists, screwing KU authors out of money they earned and screwing all authors out of Top 20/Top 100 slots they *earned*.
They knew of it, were told of it, ignored complaints, until the news began to hammer them (and mid and top-level authors began going elsewhere) for the negligence. And I do mean negligence.
Now they’ve decided to fix it by further screwing honest authors over. Go wide, people — KU is a cage you may not want to chain yourself to, at least until they fix this. And just like the click-farmer problem, fixing this NEW problem would be trivially easy for them.
(All of the above is my opinion, but you can read the media stories for the facts.)
Now, read this from a friend (name removed!), who alerted several people to Amazon’s latest attempt to shoot themselves in the foot. A quick search on Google shows it’s not made up, either. BTW, I got their permission to post it.
Author Warning…
I don’t know how many of you have followed the scandal that followed when after 18 months of not doing something about click-farms, Amazon had no choice but to do something when they saw a massive withdrawl from KU and their dirty laundry was picked up by ALL the news stations.
Well the time has come for the pendium to swing too far the other direction. Since the first of October I’ve noticed an increase of authors and their books being stripped if they jumped too far in rank, had too many sales, etc. The honest way many of these have achieved their ranks is through newsletter swaps, paid advertisement (FB ads), and email blast/newsletter spots (Bookbub, ENT). Even though the author can prove it was through legal means, their books are being removed, their rank is being stripped, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Amazon took the funds in the near future.
ENT, Bookbub, etc are going to see a decrease in sales because authors would rather have no sales than no book, no platform, no nothing; maybe they will get active in the struggle between Amazon, Clickbait, and honest authors.
I wrote this to warn those in the middle of promos/stacking promos/etc. Watch out for the hammer that seems to pick on the smaller people. I don’t know what to recommend. Maybe email Amazon prior to a large newsletter push like Bookbub? Avoid the big hitters and focus on the 10-50 download companies instead of the 500-1000 ones? Only do AMS ads? I don’t know. I put the information before you and say, be prepared.
I’ve seen a top 10 in the overall store and a top 30 in different categories both stripped of their ranks and books. These are authors who are self-published and have steadily been in the top 100 in all of Amazon for as long as I’ve been following them. Their books do not show up even when you have the URL. That’s how far Amazon is going.”

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