Why You Should Go Wide With Your Books

Amazon doing its best to mess with authors again.


Guest Post: Professionally Blocked

If you’re a casual writer with no plans of publishing or attempting to make a career out of your passion, writer’s block may be an occasional inconvenience for you, but you don’t fear it as much as the aspiring professional might. If publishing is your dream? If your fans are clamoring for that next book, and you’re staring at a blank screen? What then?

Interview with AuthorsTalkAboutIt

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by AuthorsTalkAboutIt.com. It was fun, and though the interview was because of my latest book, The Professional Ghostwriter’s Handbook, we talked about a lot more than just that!

Character Development

Quick Doesn’t Mean Boring – Because even extras can be interesting!

If you can make intriguing minor characters, it adds tremendous depth and atmosphere to your stories.