Why You Should Go Wide With Your Books

Amazon doing its best to mess with authors again.


Golden Key to Freelancing

I’m going to give you one of the key points I learned in freelancing. Most freelancers hoard their “secret sauce” jealously. I’d rather share it.

Copywriting IV

Copywriting is the art/science of writing copy that grabs people’s attention. While the copy itself has one goal–get the audience to read the next line, and the one after that–there are elements one can use to support fantastic copy, grabbing attention long enough to get them hooked on the content itself.

ABCs of Copywriting

If you’re considering copywriting for side income, you may well discover it becomes one of your top-earning services. But even if you don’t intend to offer copywriting as a service, freelance writers should consider basic copywriting skills a necessity because it touches on so much of what we already do.