Here’s a selection of testimonials.

“Jeremy Menefee does amazing work. He is very professional and delivers perfection. Jeremy is also very personable and cares for his clients. He works hard to give the client what they ask for and goes above and beyond. He also works hard to teach his clients how to improve their writing skills and never judges them based on weaknesses or mistakes. He always sees merit in every piece of work and does his best to help perfect each job to his client’s needs. He has added the magic my manuscript was lacking and helped turn it into something worth publishing. I would recommend Jeremy to everyone needing an editor. Thank you so much, Jeremy!” – Jodi R., Author

“I had Jeremy edit a horror/thriller erotic story, and not only did he keep his voice, he was great at responding to all the questions I had after he returned the story edited. I can’t wait to use him again.” – Kari H., Author

“I recently had Jeremy edit a short story and was very happy with his service and professionalism. He’s very responsive to questions and willing to discuss alternate ways of tackling edits to an unruly sentence. Jeremy suggested changes that made a lot of sense and promised better flow. Thanks, Jeremy!” – D.L. Willette, Author

“He has added the magic my manuscript was lacking and helped turn it into something worth publishing. I would recommend Jeremy to everyone needing an [copy] editor. Thank you so much Jeremy!” J.M. Rose, Author

“He turned my short story from great to amazing. Quick, efficient and highly recommended for quality content editing.” Rae Mae, Author

“5 stars! His work is teeming with attention grabbing details.” -Horace J.

“Fast with an attention to detail, Jeremy Menefee gave my short story the love and attention it needed. I can’t wait to use his [copy editing] services again.” – K.L. Holloway, Author

“Jeremy is a highly skilled, experienced and versatile writer who is able to tackle technical topics, marketing writing, and even creative writing. Whether it’s a bylined article for a magazine or journal, white paper, case study, press release, or a blog post, he understands the desired result of the client and the audience he’s writing to and delivers copy that drives action by the reader. I worked with Jeremy for many years across numerous clients and his writing always hit the mark. Plus, he’s fun to work with and is very easy going, even under tight deadlines.” -Miiko Mentz, co-founder of BentoBox Media

“During the 15 years that I have had the privilege of working with Jeremy, he consistently demonstrated superior writing skills, diplomacy in communications (which is crucial in client service,) and a high level of creativity that made story development and collaboration a joy, and resulted in success for the client whether it was via a press release, product review, contributed article, or white paper.” – Gina Milani, Founder/President Milani Marketing & PR

“Jeremy is one of the most professional and talented writers I have had the pleasure to work with. His attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, vast imagination, and great communication skills are always appreciated. Do yourself a favor and hire Jeremy for your project. You won’t be disappointed,” – RL

“Jeremy has great availability and a wide breadth of knowledge that makes it easy to rely on him for quick turnaround and high quality of work. I always enjoy working with him on projects, and he always contributes positively to a project’s success.” – Tyrel L.

“Perfect! Such a great writer! I will be working with him indefinitely on all of my sci-fi projects. Great communication, attention to detail, and always great on a deadline. It’s hard to find talented people with passion and the desire to go above-and-beyond, but with Jeremy, I have found a gem!” – R.M.

“The best person I could get for this job. Very disciplined, responsive, agile, and works with blazing speed. Has extremely well understanding [sic] skills. The story in my mind was quite complex and he understood it in no time. I don’t even remember how many times I asked him for the revisions, he never objected that. Loved working with him. For sure would recommend others…” – Jehandad K., Ohio

“Jeremy is an amazingly talented writer! He has a lot of experience and is super easy to work with. He aims to please his clients, and I must say, I am extremely pleased. I plan to work with him for a long time on many projects I have in the pipeline as he is able to craft my ideas into compelling prose filled with well-fleshed-out characters. Also, his attention to detail is much appreciated. Highly recommended!” (under NDA)

“Jeremy is exceptionally easy to work with and has great communication when it comes to getting a job done or working with others to get it done. His attitude and demeanor is very positive, and would definitely recommend him.” -Drew G., Denver