As a freelance writer for businesses, I’m kept busy with press releases and business collateral such as —

  • white papers
  • case studies
  • copywriting
  • advertorials
  • instruction manuals and handbooks
  • brochures
  • and, of course, blog posts

I provide both businesses and other clients with ghostwriting of all sorts, including —

  • contributed articles
  • blog posts
  • product reviews
  • corporate collateral
  • book manuscripts and e-books, both nonfiction and fiction

Although for some years I wrote and edited primarily for business clients, since 2014, I’ve actively shifted more toward editing and ghostwriting novels, short stories, and other forms of fiction. It’s where I started in early adolescence, just for my own enjoyment, and lately, I’ve rediscovered the satisfactions that led me to fiction writing in the first place.

While writing fiction professionally is relatively new to me, I truly enjoy it and have been writing my own novellas and novel, between freelance client projects.

I’ve also done a fair bit of social media marketing (SMM), with good results. The learning curve was steep, but the knowledge I’ve gained has allowed clients to achieve measurable, repeatable results. Generally, the funding that SMM takes from a client’s Marketing budget is far overshadowed by the outstanding results a proper social media presence and a well-designed campaign will deliver.

My interests and personal writing (other than fiction) focus on gaming, family, health and wellness, PTSD and TBI, permaculture, sustainability and green living, emergency preparedness, consumer tech and product reviews.

My editing services include the full range of proofreading and standard editing for clarity, voice, and flow. I also can edit/compress text to a specified length without distorting the voice or the message, a difficult form of editing you won’t often see offered. I’ve edited blog posts, articles, corporate collateral, novels, books, and e-books.

Additional experience

I have provided the full range of PR services both to agencies and as a freelancer for companies ranging from local businesses to international corporations, with a personal preference for editorial projects. In PR, I landed many news or feature articles, product reviews, and editorial outreach projects. I ghostwrote client-byline contributed articles for CEOs, CTOs, and other executives, and successfully managed both press and analyst tours, as well as facilitated attendance at conferences and conventions.

My initial PR experience came from about six years at a tech-focused PR agency in the Silicon Valley during the dotcom heyday, so I’m well familiar with agency methods. Knowing how agencies operate, and how to effectively collaborate with them, has been invaluable when helping agency clients develop materials for their own clients. It also helps me provide effective PR services for small clients whose projects interest me (I’m pretty selective about those).

A sampling of companies and agencies I have provided with PR services and freelance writing projects —