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  • How many years experience do you have? – I have been a writer and editor for over 20 years. See About Me
  • Do you have any referrals? – Yes, I can provide both. See Client Testimony
  • What if I pay for you to hold a space and I’m not ready when my date comes up? – I’ll either reschedule (and hold the fees already paid) or refund anything you’ve paid over 10% of the total bid. That 10% will be credited toward future work.
  • Do I pay all up front or partial until I get the completed project? – It depends on the total cost.
    • For all projects, anything up to $100 needs to be paid in advance.
    • If the project will cost over $100 but less than $400, my preference is half up front and half on completion, or all up front, except for novel-length work.
    • For novels, whether writing or editing, my preference is to divide the project and my fees into 10% milestones. As one milestone is reached, you pay for the subsequent milestone and then work continues. This protects us both.
    • I am happy to discuss alternative arrangements.
  • What is your experience, and what are your qualifications? – See Expertise


  • What type of writing do you do? – See Rates & Services
  • Do you offer a writing sample? – I will happily provide samples.
  • What is your normal turnaround time?
    • For small projects (500 words or less), 48-72 hours
    • For larger projects excluding fiction, generally an additional 24 hours per 500 words
    • For fiction, depending on my workload, once I begin, I will complete a short story in one week; a novellete in 7-14 days; a novella within 30 days; and a novel within 3-6 months
    • Shorter times can be negotiated at a higher rate
  • What are your preferred genres for writing? – Post-Apocalypse, Paranormal, YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy. I can write in most genres, however.
  • Are there genres and styles you won’t write in? – I have a few genres and styles in which I prefer not to write.
    • Fiction: Romance, Steam Punk, Literary Fiction. Child abuse or lengthy torture/rape scenes (if the focus of the story is on these aspects, then no). I will absolutely not write anything resembling pedophilia. Pretty much everything else is fine.
    • Nonfiction: Biographies, “Creative Nonfiction,” Real Estate, Financial, Inspirational
    • Business: Real Estate, Financial, Stock Market, Forex, Automotive
  • If you don’t write my type of work can you refer me to someone else who can? – Depending on genre or topic, I may very well be able to refer you to a writer who specializes in that field. I know many writers.


  • What type of editing do you do? – Primarily line editing and copy editing. See Rates & Services
  • Do you offer a sample edit?
    • After being burned, I no longer provide a short edit of your work to confirm a contract. Too many people are dishonest and take the edit and run. My testimonials speak for themselves.
    • I can provide an editing sample, however (whether fiction, nonfiction, or business writing).
  • Would you pass on the project if you don’t like my writing style? – If I feel I will be unable to edit it effectively, then yes, I would politely decline. My job is to edit, not judge, but I won’t take a job I feel unable to perform well.
  • What is your normal turnaround time? – Typically 24 hours per 2,000 words. This can vary depending on my workload, the level of editing required, and if I need to perform research (I don’t include fact checking, but sometimes research is needed to better describe a process, technology, or fiction scene).
  • If you don’t edit my type of work, can you refer me to someone else who can? – In all likelihood, I know another editor who has experience editing your work’s style or genre. I am happy to provide referrals if I can.
  • Do you have a genre preference for editing? – No. I’m experienced in many genres, as well as just about every style of business writing.
  • Are there genres and styles you won’t edit? – Depending on my knowledge of the market, I may not be suitable for editing highly technology-focused pieces (I will only need to know the nature of the project to let you know whether I can edit it). I will not edit fiction that focuses extensively on torture. I won’t edit fiction that describes child molestation, although I would consider editing fiction that mentions it in a context that is vital to the plot, such as a character’s backstory revealed through conversation.