Business Writing

Effective writing for businesses is not something one just picks up and runs with. Experience matters — the writer must know what works and what doesn’t. A professional writer can do a fine job of avoiding usage errors, but where do you find a professional with knowledge and experience in direct sales, marketing materials, public relations, and journalism? That’s what it takes to spin your yarn into gold.

I’ve done just about every type of business writing in the course of many years. I know how to acquire a firm understanding of the value of your company’s messaging, value proposition, target audience, and even the technology behind it. I know how to deliver materials that will help you achieve your business goals when you need —

  • Site content
  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • User guides / reviewer’s guides
  • Email sales copy
  • Press releases that get coverage — beyond the basics
  • Flyers and other marketing materials
  • Funnel pages
  • Long form, short form, and everything in between
  • Consulting on messaging/branding decisions
  • Marketing plans
  • Social Media Management / Marketing / Sales Support

I can help you determine which platforms to target, how to get the most value from your investments for each, even determine the time of day at which different platforms perform best — and the types of content their targeted audiences want to see.

I’ll use your own keywords or research optimal keywords for you, both for standard or “short” and for long-tail markets. I’ll help you dominate niche markets by knowing what to say and when, not just how to say it.

Whatever your business content-creation needs, I have the experience to help you get the most out of your writing projects. Please contact me at any time to talk about your needs, your budget, your timelines, and how we can make them all work best for you.

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