Ghost Writing

Ghostwriters create books or other materials for hire and claim no copyright or other rights to the material. We operate under strict confidentiality. When you engage me as your ghostwriter, no one will ever know I was involved.


This has some very attractive implications for you. When ghostwritten material appears under your own byline, no one will know you didn’t write the book yourself. You’ll pay the agreed-upon fee and never owe another dime. No royalties, no writing credit, no usage fees (unless you want to talk about those as options). Nope – you buy it, you own it. You use it however you wish. As a contracted ghostwriter, I have no further involvement.



I’ve ghostwritten everything from blog posts to epic fiction trilogies. I’ve written for SEO agencies with clients that need writing done transparently and seamlessly, so their clients didn’t have to worry about coordinating with outside writers. I’ve worked with all kinds of people looking for discreet contract writing, from corporate executives to professional book promoters.

Everyone’s needs are different. It’s a form of writing that keeps me on my toes, and frankly, I enjoy it. This may be just what you need if you fall into one of these categories —

  • Marketers with a talent for selling books, but without either the desire or the time to write high-quality books themselves. Contracting with me to write your project allows you to focus on what you do best. Marketing.
  • Dreamers who have a killer story just burning within them, crying to get out, but who don’t have the writing experience needed to bring their story to life. I can bring your story to life, working closely with you to make sure it’s your story.
  • Agencies that do not specialize in writing, but which have clients who need that service. I will work behind the scenes to handle writing and editing tasks, allowing you to expand your service offerings without hiring another employee.
  • Niche marketers who need a lot of content written, consistently, in their own voice, produced to their specs, and on their specified topics. I write the material you need based on your input when you lack the time to do it all yourself.

If you need an experienced and capable ghostwriter, I have the experience, testimonials, and client references needed to let you relax and proceed to other tasks with confidence, knowing your resources are spent wisely. You’ll receive top-quality results without a lot of hassle.

If you lack the time or the skilled resources to produce a writing project in a reasonable time or with the required quality, give me a call. Let’s talk!

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