Standard rates are listed after Services descriptions




For projects under 10,000 words, I happily include an option to provide you with one major revision at no extra charge (rewriting up to 10% of the draft material) prior to project completion. For works over 10,000 words, or for which you wish to have a larger rewrite than the one normally included, an additional hourly rate will apply.

I’m confident you’ll be happy with my work and so, at no additional cost, I can also provide one minor revision even after the draft is completed and payment has been received, if requested within 30 days of the final invoice. (The time limit ensures your project will still be fresh in my memory.) For example, if you edit the document with Track Changes, I’ll be happy to review and incorporate your changes and then smooth the language in the final draft for consistency.

I believe I’m alone in offering my clients this level of service, which may be one reason that over half of my clients are repeat customers — an unusual achievement in this industry.

Example writing projects —

  • Content Writing – Blog posts, product descriptions, articles (SEO-friendly)
  • Copywriting – Sales emails, site content, brochures, etc (SEO-friendly)
  • Business Collateral – Press releases, white papers, case studies, reviewer guides, special reports

Example ghostwriting projects —

  • Fiction – short stories, novellas, novels, series
  • Nonfiction – I can effectively research your topic, and I’ve previously written on myriad subjects for a variety of markets and target audiences

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media programs are necessary for brand awareness these days, yet 2/3 of small businesses believe they’re not maximizing their potential in this arena (despite some 80% who plan to increase their social media efforts year by year). The 5-10 hours they spend weekly, on average, cannot leverage that effort for its fullest potential benefit.

We can change that together, and improve your results with any of the following programs —

  • New! ChatBot for FB – Create a chatbot for your Facebook Page to increase customer interaction, differentiate yourself from the competition, and direct prospects to your web page for additional information
  • SMM planning – Design compelling company or service pages across relevant social media platforms, cross-linking to one another, and create a plan of action to best utilize all avenues of social media marketing
  • Social media page setup – Utilizing your logo and graphics I will create or audit a company page on a social media platform and ensure the images, logos, calls to action and content are ideal and consistent with your customer base’s expectations
  • Account management and curation –  Using content you provide, I will publish it on any number of social media platforms with SEO-friendly tags, etc., at the ideal day and time for each platform
  • Twitter Program – I will write and publish monthly Twitter posts for your company, covering a variety of themes to enhance credibility and readership. I can also manage retweets and replies, which are of equal importance.
  • Facebook promotions – Create and publish a short-term Facebook promotion using SEO-friendly techniques with proven format/structure to maximize  your promotion’s success
  • Social Media monitoring setup – I will audit your online profile and establish an effective program to monitor social media for both your company and, optionally, any competitors you wish. This will make it simple for you to monitor your own social media results and optimize your competitive landscape.


I offer two levels of editing service. Both include one revision to address issues, answer questions, and smooth out edits you make in response. It works, just as with writing services. I don’t provide developmental editing services, but if you need such an editor I can refer you to a developmental editor I know to be skilled.

  • Copy Editing – Basic copy editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
  • Line Editing – In addition to copy editing your material, I will suggest changes based on word choice, fix awkward sentence flow, correct overuse of the passive voice, point out areas that may confuse your readers, etc. I will format your novel, novella, or short story to meet the most common submission formatting standards, and will ensure the document adheres to whichever style guide you require (typically AP or Chicago for most projects, but some projects may require a more specialized guide).

Note: In common use online, people often talk about needing either a copyeditor or developmental editor. Usually, “copy editing” in this context really means a Line Edit. The focus is on polishing the writing as much as correcting technical mistakes. I strongly recommend line editing.

Narration & Transcription

I narrate short videos and audio tracks, and will then re-record up to half the material at no additional expense to the client, in order to incorporate client direction and feedback. I can also provide a transcript of a video or audio recording.

Public Relations

While I still do PR writing, as a general thing I no longer provide freelance PR services – I’ve turned down two AE positions in the last few years. Having said that, I’m open to the possibility of freelance PR work on an individual project basis for projects that interest me.

Service Rates

My rates are on par with general market rates for editing and writing services, as you can see from the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), which compiles market data to determine average professional rates.

While the EFA provides hourly rates, and some tasks are best left to an hourly rate, I’m happy to discuss a per-word, flat bid, or flat fee plus hourly rate if it would benefit your project. Until we discuss the scope of work necessary to complete a project, however, you can use the EFA’s report on hourly market rates to estimate a “ballpark” figure.

I am sometimes flexible with pricing, particularly for smaller projects that I can fit into my current project load without blocking out time for larger projects. If you are operating on a budget, don’t hesitate to contact me. I pride myself on my ability to work within a budget, so it is entirely possible we can find a solution that meets both our needs.

Rates vary by project type, client requirements, and the amount of front-end work required to start the project. Will I need to outline your novel, or have you created a “story bible” already? Must I interview experts to get the information needed before writing on your chosen topic, or do you have data available? Have you performed keyword research, or will I be doing that before writing content?

Generally, rates will be in the following range, but again, I can bid by word, hour, or project to meet your needs and preferences.

Editing Services

  • $25/hr Basic proofreading
  • $40/hr Copy editing, light (syntax, grammar, word choice, sentence structure)
  • $50/hr Copy editing, heavy (AKA line editing or readability improvement)

Writing Services

  • $50/hr Writing, technical/trade
  • $40/hr Writing, journalism/web articles
  • $50/hr Writing, business collateral or copywriting
  • $40/hr Writing, ghostwriting (Fiction)
  • $50/hr Writing, ghostwriting (Non-Fiction)

SMM Services

  • $120 – Create a ChatBot for your Facebook Page and other uses. Includes enough copywriting to set up a basic ChatBot directing people to your site! (Additional features such as Q&A or regularly updated News is extra.)
  • $399 – Set up or revise one social media page (G+, Twitter, Facebook) with optimized “About Us” content, custom graphics, keyword optimization, etc.
    • $199 – Set up or optimize content for one additional platform (G+, Twitter, Facebook). I also ensure your branding is consistent between each platform and is optimized for the individual platform. 
  • $1,500 – Facebook Promotion, 1-3 months, including branding and limited promotion on other channels (does not include Prize or Facebook Ads to promote)
  • $999/mo – Social Media Monitoring (including setup).
    • This rate can be much lower for individuals and small businesses.
  • $130/mo – SMM: Twitter original post creation in an ideal mix of subjects, text or memes, and links. Posted at ideal times, on best days for that content.
    • Includes 10 posts per month as well as a proven target number of retweets, likes, and messages.
    • Ask about my rate to clean and optimize your Following/Followed By contacts, and setting up and populating optimized Twitter Lists.
  • $499/mo – SMM: G+ or Facebook posting. I will post content you provide on ideal days/times (10 per month). Also included, I will find top “outstanding influencer” posts and either notify you or repost directly for you. This will enhance your visibility among a highly-relevant audience (research +10 posts monthly).
  • For SMM content creation rates other than Twitter (see above), please refer to my writing rates.

Transcription & Narration

  • $3/min Transcription
  • $5/min Narration